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Reduce back pain and increase energy at work

Most of us sit still for the majority of the day at our desks, not to mention hours binge watching Netflix. Back ache, migraines, RSI and even digestion issues can be aggravated by sitting still for too long. Move More At Your Desk shows you how to improve your sitting posture, strengthen, stretch and improve flexibility, to counter the issues caused by too little movement.

Divided into 5 sections and Illustrated throughout, you can choose exercises for: Neck and shoulders * Moving your spine * Legs and hips * Hands and wrists * Each section provides exercises, tips and tricks targeting areas that are affected by stiffness and pain. Build new habits, and within four weeks aches and pains will be gone, you will feel more energized, positive and alive at work.

Kerrie-Anne Bradley

Kerrie-Anne Bradley is the founder of Pilates At Your Desk, educating people on how to alleviate aches and pains caused by being stationary. Kerrie-Anne leads corporate workshops to optimize employees’ wellbeing through movement, and shares simple movement habits to help us move more every day.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger