Moon woman Agenda


New Age / Esoterics

Amandine Sellier

Charlotte Daynes

Guy Trédaniel

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184 pages
150 x 210 mm

A sublime, useful and practical perpetual diary to accompany women, day after day, on their spiritual path.

This diary-book was born from the meeting of two women who share the same dream: the awakening of female consciousness. They offer a beautiful, illustrated and practical object for women who are rooted in the real,

the present, and in search of sacred meaning.

Through the 12 solar months and their 13 moons, this perpetual diary aims to guide the steps of the woman in search of a reconnection with herself, with her daily life, her cycles, her deep nature, her ancestry…

Both cyclical, since it invites us to reconnect with the phases of the Moon – the star that guides the life of every woman, menstruating or not – and shamanic in the sense that it proposes to discover and appropriate the rituals used by our ancestors.  It is a true spiritual companion to initiate oneself to shamanic practice or to discover one’s life path.

Each reader will find :

– Advice on shamanic practice;

– A lunar, menstrual and emotional calendar;

– Sumptuous illustrations introducing each of the 12 months;

– 1 month = 1 theme of the shamanic practice;

– 12 monthly rituals, 8 of which are ancestral and give rhythm to the seasons (Yule, Samhain, Imbolc, etc.);

– Medicine wheel, power animal, dream art, genealogical work, reconnection to nature through magical acts, etc. So many weekly rituals and their history that punctuate each week with a concrete practice that can be easily integrated into daily life.

A beautiful therapeutic tool that each one will be able to appropriate intuitively, to discover

Amandine Sellier

Originally from Lille, in the north of France, Amandine Sellier has always had a passion for literature, music, nature, human beings and spirituality. She was a journalist in print and television for 15 years, author of a book on the emergency service and several documentaries on ecology. She left France for Mexico in 2017 in order to live a more sustainable life and to dedicate herself to well-being and self-knowledge through shamanic practices (art of Temazcal, sacred plants and now Moon Dance). As a specialist in aromatic and medicinal plants, trained in essential oils, ayurvedic massage and chakra medicine, she works to open up a space of reconnection to oneself through reconnection to nature. With her project Mamà Hierbas, she creates infusions and mother tinctures from medicinal plants and passes on her knowledge of natural healing.

Charlotte Daynes

Charlotte Daynes is a Lightworker who works for the happiness and well-being of everyone. In 2015, she created "The Light is in You" which accompanies individuals and groups towards their personal development, happiness and freedom. Charlotte leads them towards a global wellness (heart, body, mind) and guides them through their inner fog so that everyone is fully aligned and well in their life. She offers online training courses, notably to develop one's energetic capacities or to live one's life mission fully. She also leads retreats, nature workshops and women's circles to (re)connect to oneself and one's potential.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger