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30 picture cards for children: exercises for relaxation and concentration. Reduce stress & promote inner peace

Reduce stress and promote inner peace in children – this is how it works!

Learning is better in a climate of well-being. But everyday life at school and daycare centers is often a bit hectic. This not only leads to concentration problems – it can also promote conflicts within the group. The mindfulness training according to Maria Holl combines western and eastern relaxation techniques, which help teachers and children to return to a pleasant group climate and relaxed learning atmosphere.

With the Don Bosco picture cards “Mindfulness and Body Awareness” the implementation is guaranteed to succeed:

Mindfulness exercises for children from 5 years, which can be interspersed in everyday life.
Easy to communicate thanks to clear illustrations on the front of the card
Methodical tips and exercise instructions for teachers and educators on the back of the picture card
30 proven exercises that improve body awareness, balance and concentration

Create islands of calm, strengthen self-confidence, promote community: To improve the group climate, especially in turbulent situations.

Playfully improve your own body awareness: small exercises for in-between activities
The picture cards include instructions for various movement and relaxation exercises that can be combined and used as needed:

Balancing acts on imaginary tree trunks promote motor skills, shaking hands and legs helps concentration especially after sitting still for a long time. The short exercise units make it easy to incorporate them into everyday life. Through imaginary images and instructions for listening to one’s inner self, children learn to relax quickly even in stressful situations.

Whether for a break while learning, as relaxation in the family or to come to rest together with children in a group: The picture card set “Mindfulness and Body Awareness” helps children to cope with stress, to find inner balance and to get through the day more concentrated!

Maria Holl

She is a graduate social worker and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy who has been working in her own practice as a psychotherapist, coach and meditation teacher in Aachen since 1981. In 1995 she developed the Tinnitus Breathing Therapy according to Holl® (TAT), the effectiveness of which was confirmed by a scientific study of the University of Regensburg. She trains therapists in this method and has published several books and audio CDs on the treatment of psychosomatic complaints, including "Tinnitus lindern" ("Tinnitus relief"), which has been translated into five languages.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger