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Elisabeth Engler


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Brochure with flaps
17 x 22 cm
Pages 128

According to Hildegard of Bingen

More than 70 recipes Hildegard of Bingen was THE healer of the Middle Ages. Many of their recipes can still heal and favour health today: delicious healing wines and potions, mostly quickly cooked and wonderfully effective, put together, tested and partly adapted to the present day. In addition, the book describes healing spice mixtures, which form the basis of Hildegard medicine. An ABC of medicinal plants explains the most important herbs and spices used; the detailed index of diseases rounds off the book.

Elisabeth Engler

Elisabeth Engler is a native of Munich with roots in her beautiful Bavarian homeland. Since her childhood, the busy book author, editor, herbal educator and aroma consultant has been exploring, observing and learning about nature and its gifts, and is always fascinated anew by their possibilities. In addition to the healing methods of herbs and wild plants, old and modern home remedies, she also deals extensively with natural cosmetics made from plants and blossoms and enjoyable things from the forest and meadow.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger