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Pamela Wartian Smith

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How To Maximize Your Immune System When You Need It Most

The word immunity has unfortunately become an all-too-common term in our vocabulary, and for good reason. When the pandemic hit, many of the major drug companies jumped at the opportunity to create a vaccine that could offer us “immunity” against this specific virus. Yet, few of us understand that almost all these vaccines work based upon their activating our own built-in systems of defense. It is our very own immunity to these viruses that can make the difference between illness and health. To help clarify what each of us can do to protect ourselves and our loved one, Pamela Wartian Smith, MD has written Max Your Immunity. Here is a complete guide to understanding and maximizing your natural defenses against various infectious diseases.

Max Your Immunity is divided into three parts. Part One explains how our innate and adaptive immunity systems work. Our innate immunity system is based on our built-in barriers designed to fight or separate us from infectious agents. Our adaptive immunity, also called acquired immunity, is composed of lymphocyte cells that are triggered when a specific pathogen enters the body. These cells learn to identify the invading pathogens and hunt them down. In this section, each component in both systems are clearly identified and explained. Part Two provides ten important things that you can do to increase and strengthen all of these components. And Part Three provides specific nutritional plans to increase your body’s immunity to help defend off the most common health disorders.

The fact is, few of us make it a point to keep our immune system in top shape. However when our immune system is weakened, we greatly increase the odds of our getting sick. By simply having a clear understanding of how our internal defenses work and what we can do to increase our immunity; we can play an important role in maintaining good health. Max Your Immunity can help show you what you need to know to protect yourself and your family.

Pamela Wartian Smith

Pamela Wartian Smith, MD, MPH, MS, is a diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Physicians and past co-director of the Master’s Program in Medical Sciences, with a concentration in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine, at the Morsani College of Medicine, University of South Florida. An authority on the subjects of wellness and functional medicine, Dr. Smith is also the founder of the Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine. Currently, she is the owner and director of the Center for Personalized Medicine, with locations in Michigan and Florida. Dr. Smith is also the best-selling author of ten books, including What You Must Know About Vitamins, Mineral, Herbs & So Much More, What You Must Know About Women’s Hormones; and What You Must Know About Memory Loss.
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