Make Me Loose



Garden & Nature

Bärbel Oftring


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128 pages
140 colour photos
30 coloured illustrations paperback
17 x 24 cm

3 Microcosm soil – learning to under- stand the wondrous life in the soil

3 Modern approach: healthy and nutritious soil

The soil is the most biodiverse habitat on earth and the foundation of sustainable gardening. The book offers comprehensive knowledge about this micro- cosm and explains ways to protect the fertile soil. With fascinating experiments, projects and practical advice that is easy to implement in your own garden.

Bärbel Oftring

She has a degree in biology and specialises in botany, zoology and palaeontology and is passionate about nature. She is the author and editor of numerous books for young people and adults in Germany and is very involved in environmental protection. This committed naturalist lives with her family and her dog in Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger