Magic flower ink



Garden & Nature

Silke Rosenbüchler


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Thread stitching
20 x 27 cm
Pages 256

Discover numerous recipes and useful hints on how you can extract enchanting inks from different flowers. The author invites you to experiment for yourself in order to experience the wonderful colour variety of nature in a new, sensual way. In addition to well-known plants for natural dyes, such as mallow and rose the author also includes newer breeds and neophytes. In this book you will find, among others, recipes with the flowers of colourful pansies, Indian balsam and colourful gladioli.

Silke Rosenbüchler

Silke Rosenbüchler, born in 1969 in Neunkirchen, lives with her husband and two children in the heart of Upper Austria. She studied landscape planning and landscape management in Vienna, is a certified herbal educator as well as an agricultural and environmental educator. Since 2011 she has been working with plant dyes, which are used in many of her workshops.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger