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Rajendra Sharma

Watkins Nourish

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304 pages
PB 234x153mm

Design Your Personal Plan for a Long and Healthy Life

In this inspiring and practical book, internationally acclaimed physician Dr Sharma explains that healthy ageing is within everyone’s grasp. Incorporating research on how Covid-19 affects older people, Dr Sharma shows us how to prevent common ageing problems such as lack of energy or reduced libido and arthritis, and challenges the acceptance of them as “just part of ageing”.

Offering simple strategies to optimize all aspects of your life from sleep to hormone balance, this is the ultimate anti-ageing guide for a longer and healthier life.

Rajendra Sharma

Dr Rajendra Sharma is a member and former Secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine. He was medical director of the Hale Clinic, Britain’s largest complementary medical centre.
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