Little angel


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Petra Arndt


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50 cards
Format: 75 x 110 mm
With instructions

Life is wonderful and every moment is worth experiencing as a special one. The Little Angel, known from “Bild der Frau”, helps to bring beautiful thoughts into our lives with encouraging messages and wisdom. With him, it is easy to overcome sadness, to draw strength or to bring joy to others. With his charming manner, he radiates positive energy and optimism in every situation and gives confidence and joie de vivre. This makes these cards not only the perfect companion in all situations in life, but also an excellent gift for a very special person.

Petra Arndt

Petra Arndt has been receiving and painting light pictures since childhood. She works freelance as a painter, designer and illustrator, does intensive art therapy with sick people, gives painting workshops and is a lecturer at Sasel-Haus in Hamburg, a centre for culture and education. She paints the "little angel" weekly for the magazine "Bild der Frau".
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger