Lin and the mystery of the cycle




Nina Hanefeld


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78 pages

A story full of knowledge about the first bleeding

Lin is just a normal girl – or so she thinks. But then suddenly a fairy appears in her r
oom. Equipped with a magic bag and a beamer, the fairy begins to gently initiate Lin into the secrets of puberty.

  • How is my body built and how does it change during puberty?
  • What happens during menstruation?
  • What menstrual products are there and how do I use


  • What to do when it hurts?

    Sound knowledge about the menstrual cycle and menstruation embedded in an enchanting story.

  • For girls from 10 years
  • Simple, easy and gentle enlightenment
  • Sustainable living: All about alternative menstrual


Nina Hanefeld

Author, NFP (Natural Family Planning) counselor and teacher. She also works as a freelancer for Kulmine - a company that works to break down the menstrual taboo and makes and sells alternative menstrual products. She has been happily and empathetically counseling girls and women about menstruation, contraception, and health for about ten years. Imparting supportive knowledge is a matter close to her heart.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger