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320 pages
126 colour photos
23 illustrations

Eat all Parts of a Vegetable

• Eat all parts of a vegetable
• 70 vegetarian recipes, reports, and portraits
• The ultimate reference book on edible parts of 50 different vegetables

Why don’t we eat carrot tops? Why is the rind of water melons a classical ingredient in the US, while we discard it in Europe? Why are tomato leaves said to be poisonous, yet many chefs use them as ingredient? And: how can we prepare soups, salads, and pesto made of radish leaves? »Leaf to Root« is the new »Nose to Tail« for vegetables. Just as with meat, where tenderloin is not necessarily always the tastiest treat, there is a culinary universe beyond the traditional use of vegetables. This book serves as inspiration for everyday cooks, vegetable gardeners, and professional chefs.

Esther Kern

Esther Kern Journalist and food critic, writes for newspapers and magazines such as Annabelle, Beobachter, Tagesanzeiger, Sonntagszeitung, Münchner Abendzeitung, GQ, and others. In 2002 she launched the online platform waskochen.ch.

Pascal Haag

Pascal Haag One of the most prominent ambassadors of vegetarian cuisine in Switzerland. Freelance chef engaged in various projects.

Sylvan Müller

Sylvan Müller Born 1973, Sylvan Müller has worked as photographer for more than 20 years. His long-term projects such as »Japan - Cooking & Travel Photobook«, »Mom Cooks«, or »The Culinary Legacy of the Alps« are highly acclaimed. A calm and highly minimalist style are the trademark of his captivating photos.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger