Keys to understanding your anger



Noémie de Saint-Sernin

Éditions Eyrolles

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Infos :

192 pages
15 x 21 cm

What is the impact of our education in our role as a parent? And if the fa- mily balance depended on the parents inner balance? But then, how to ex- plain these cries, these screams that we sometimes utter against them? How to understand the hurtful words that we shout at them, the gestures, these furies that grab us? Yes, how can we accept the violence that is rising in us during a crisis that is increasingly difficult to contain? Why is it stronger than you? This book is for all lost parents, who do not know how to proceed with their children and want to return to a relationship of love and simplicity with them.

Noémie de Saint-Sernin

Noémie de Saint-Sernin is a personal development and parenting coach.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger