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Namiah Beatrix Bauer

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How to make it easier for your dream child to come to you

”Just stop wanting it so hard, and it will work out by itself!” – Are you also sick and tired of hearing this sentence?

For some women, getting pregnant is what they wish most for in their lives. But babies aren’t something you can order. They can’t stand stress and time pressure – and thus go on strike. An unfulfilled desire to have children is therefore a chance for every woman and every couple to reorient themselves mentally and emotionally: it gives them the opportunity to learn to open themselves to things that only function through the heart and cannot be perceived with the mind.

Namiah Bauer, a fertility counsellor who has also suffered through this, sees herself as an ambassador who builds a bridge between the mother-to-be and her unborn child. She explains in an easily understandable way how you can get in touch with your dream child and invite him or her into your life. Loving exercises and effective affirmations will allow you to achieve a state of an inner silence and feel your child’s soul.

•Compassionate care and support while you are trying for a baby, but also when you are in mourning after a miscarriage or stillbirth •Useful 21-day program “Time for Love” to change your perspective and expand your personal universe
•Inspiring and encouraging interviews on the desire to have children, on motherhood and femininity

Namiah Beatrix Bauer

Namiah Beatrix Bauer born in Cologne, once pursued a successful career in the fashion industry, living life in the fast lane. But she was not happy. Only when she had her two children did she experience peace and true happiness in her life. She also went through a phase of utter sadness when trying for, and failing to conceive, a third child. Today she works with dedication as a fertility consultant and helps women to make their dream of having a child come true. Namiah Bauer lives with her family near Aachen, on a farm in the middle of nature, where she also runs her fertility seminars and training.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger