Invisible Violence




Jean-Charles Bouchoux

Guy Trédaniel

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216 pages
140 x 220 mm,

Aggressivity is a part of life; it can even be a unifying force, a factor of our evolution. However, it is clear that another form of violence – in our work life, family relationships, couples, or at school – tend to grow and spread to the whole of society, especially in these times of lockdown…

We all know the visible face of violence (insulting another driver in traffic, or a waiter who is not fast enough…), but there is another, more insidious, hidden and toxic aspect of violence – that which is inflicted with a smile, through unsaid things, non-verbal expressions, paradoxical injunctions or emotional blackmail.

How can we distinguish between ‘normal’ aggressivity and toxic violence? What is invisible violence and how can we deal with it? Is it legally possible to prove and prevent this form of violence, to better support victims and punish aggressors?

In this book, Jean-Charles Bouchoux analyses violence and its different aspects; describes the various situations which can lead someone to suffer from or inflict some form of influence or insidious violence; and urges us to react with awareness. He also examines the law through an enlightening conversation with François Latour, a lawyer who offers concrete legal solutions.

Key Selling Points:

  • A best-selling author, who wrote Les Pervers Narcissiques (Narcissistic perverts; published by Eyrolles, 2009), a book that sold over 200,000 copies and was translated in several languages.
  • A current and relevant topic: the Covid-19 crisis and its consequences have led to an increase in violence in all of its forms (harassment, blackmail…) in family and work spheres.
  • Compared with other books on violence, this one has the advantage to feature an interview of François Latour, an expert lawyer in matters of harassment who offers practical solutions to victims.

Jean-Charles Bouchoux

Jean-Charles Bouchoux is a French writer, psychoanalyst and teacher. He has written several books, including best-selling Les Pervers narcissiques (Narcissistic perverts; published by Eyrolles, 2009), which was translated in several languages. He regularly leads conferences and workshops throughout Europe.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger