I am the Queen of my hormones



Ingrid Kleindienst-John


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17 x 22 cm
Pages 272

Balance hormone levels with herbs and oils

Alternating emotions: at times your personal attitude to life is dependent on a tiny amount of a hormone. And sometimes hormone fluctuations are the reason for irritability or fatigue. Every woman’s life is influenced by oestrogens and progesterone. The book explains how these hormones influence us, but also what we can do ourselves to at least partially control their influence. Every woman has her own menstrual cycle and yet very few women know exactly what is going on in their bodies. Essential oils and herbs balance hormone levels naturally and alleviate complaints. Today we know that plants contain the oldest and most original bioregulators. This is how the most beautiful hours become really beautiful. A large space is devoted to every age of women.

Ingrid Kleindienst-John

Ingrid Kleindienst-John has been involved with nature since her teenage years. She has been teaching aromatherapy for almost 20 years and trains interested people in her own institute "Aroma Experts". She lives and works mainly in the south of Lower Austria, in a landscape that has grown particularly close to her heart. Together with her husband she organises herbal walks and workshops for herbal medicine.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger