I am a wanted child



Ruthild Schulze


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80 pages

The unique educational book for families with a child wish background!

Jann is 8 years old and goes to the 2nd grade. One day a midwife comes to his school and tells the children about her work. She explains to them what happens in the mother’s body during pregnancy and how a baby is born. Jann has already learned how a baby is born from his parents when he wanted to know where his little sister came from. But now, when he tells his mother about the midwife’s visit, he learns that everything was completely different for him. For the first time, he hears words like “fertility center,” “Petri dish” and “incubator.

And he is happy that his parents went down this difficult path because they wanted him, Jann, so much.

At some point, every child wants to know where he or she comes from. Jann’s story helps parents who want children and all other parents to find the right words.

Ruthild Schulze

Naturopath and lecturer in Chinese Medicine. She loves to accompany people before and during pregnancy as well as after birth. For 35 years she has been dealing with rhythms in life: the female cycle, regula rities of pregnancy, relationships between pregnancy and birth, early pediatrics as well as life phases and crises. In her Berlin-based naturopathic practice, she provides support primarily with Chinese medicine. Especially the children inspired her to the story of Jann and this encouraging narrative and explanatory book.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger