Hydroponics for Everybody


Garden & Nature

William Texier

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216 pages
10,5 x 15 cm
90 illustrations

You wish to be grow your plants successfully , to control their nutri- tion, to ensure their optimal growth, to minimize the use of herbi- cides and pesticides, to no longer depend on climate conditions or on your region’s soil quality ?

Hydroponics will help you achieve high quality yields.

Thanks to its tips, diagrams and 90 illustrations, this mini version of William Texier’s best-seller will guide you step by step – whether you are operating in a city or in the countryside.

You will avoid beginner mistakes, gain confidence in your gardening skills… and relish in the taste of your first crop or admire your flowers.

William Texier

William Texier was born in Paris. He discovered hydroponics in 1985 and developed a passion for the technique. With his friend Lawrence Brook, he created aeroponic systems and conducted research in California. A pioneer in the hydroponic industry, he invented and patented “bioponics” (organic hydroponics) in 2004. With his thirty years of experience, he is considered a worldwide authority on these innovative methods of gardening.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger