How you can talk to dogs


New Age / Esoterics


Elisa S. Suter

Language of origin

A completely new, revolutionary method of magical partnership with your dog

These topics are addressed: Dog Language. Real leadership. Laws of leadership. Barking and biting. The fearless dog. The dog without aggression.

The book goes far beyond the methods of any “dog whisperer”. It offers the first completely “humane” method of gently educating dogs and communicating with them on an equal wavelength.

We find out

○ How do you manage to prevent your dog from chasing after joggers, cats, cyclists, chickens, deer, rabbits or other dogs?

○ How can you make sure your dog does not pull and drag on a leash?

○ By what method can you teach your dog so that he is always”available” and follows you?

○ How can you make your dog stop barking when the doorbell rings?

○ How do you become a magnet for your dog, but also other people?

○ How can you be in complete freedom, stress-free, and enjoy your dog’s everyday life?

○ How do you manage your dog completely without a leash?

○ How do you make sure that your dog is voluntarily following you?

○ How can you reduce your dog’s aggression to zero so that he never bites again?

○ How do you make sure that your dog follows you of his own free will and love instinctively?

○ How do you manage that the dog no longer moans or whines or barks – or even destroys items in the house or the car?

○ What do you have to do to prevent your dog from defending its food, from eating everything it encounters in the house – even the litter box sometimes?

○ How can you avoid your dog jumping up on people?

○ How do you make sure your dog is completely housebroken?

○ What do you have to do to prevent your dog from being over-anxious, when hearing loud noises,too many people or too many dogs?

○ What is the secret of the worldwide dog scene?

○ What you cannot learn from any dog school of dog trainer?

○ Why do all researchers no longer support “genetic thinking” and what do the latest scientific findings teach us?

○ What is the “three-step success formula” in dealing with dogs?

○ How does your dog communicate?

○ What chances of self-transformation are revealed by the correct handling of dogs?

○ Why do you work like a “bio-computer” and how can you grow beyond that?

○ What is the secret of a real leader?

○ How can you become a leader yourself?


Elisa S. Suter

Elisa S. Suter, born and residing in Switzerland, first trained as a primary school teacher and taught numerous students of all ages, before she became more involved with the animal world, which had been her particular interest since early childhood. When she fulfilled her own "dream of the dog", she got to know the whole range of the "dog scene", in different European countries, in the USA and Australia. In 2016, she founded her dog school and consulting firm, which immediately became a "secret tip" because of her extraordinary coaching achievements and a completely new method. Besides, the author did countless experiments with other animal-species.
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Agence Schweiger