How to get rid of toxic relationships



Julie Arcoulin

Guy Trédaniel

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300 pages
15 x 22

A guilt-ridden parent, a tyrannical partner, an intrusive co-worker, a friend too much
demanding… We all know people who contaminate our daily lives and prevent us from live in a fulfilling way.
In this book, Julie Arcoulin gives the keys to learning how to recognize a toxic and dangerous relationship, understand how it is developing, frequently on the wounds of our childhood. Above all, she tells us how to break the dangerous bonds that trap us.
Through advice and concrete examples, the author, a coach specialising in the topic, guides us on the path to liberation and reconstruction. With one goal: to succeed in building a happy life on strong and healthy relationships.

Julie Arcoulin

Graduate in communication, but also a certified coach, trained in NLP, analysis, EFT, Julie Arcoulin is a specialist in personal and relational development. Author and chronicler, she consults in her office and leads workshops, conferences and trainings on personal and relational development. This is his third book to be published in the Courrier du Livre.
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Agence Schweiger