How to connect successfully with healing energies of nature


New Age / Esoterics

Patrick Guérin

Guy Trédaniel

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16 x 23
177 illustrated pages


A practical manual for including nature’s resources in its daily life

Today’s man has isolated himself in a tailor-made world, shaped by his demands for comfort and security. He’s lost his connection to nature. Gradually, his sensitivity to the environment dulled and the one in his own environment has become more intense. On the one hand, the world has never been more accessible to him, from the other, he looks upon it as his property and, finally, he shuts himself off.

Increasingly dependent on the modern way of life and its facilities, he has ended up cutting himself off from a multitude of enriching resources that could help him to enjoy life differently: more peacefully, with more freedom and choice, with better mental and physical health, with more energy and life happiness, in better harmony with himself and with others…

This reconnection between oneself and the universe is based on small rituals that are effective, meaningful and very pleasant to practice. They teach you to see the world differently, beyond appearances, and above all to find a satisfying life balance. The calendar of nature is a model to follow in order to feel good in the movement of life and world, to reload one’s reserves and to progress in a direction that makes you happy… and much more!

Patrick Guérin

Patrick Guérin is a traditional practitioner, heir to the ancestral knowledge that has been transmitted to him since his childhood by sorcerers and scholars. He has been helping people who consult him for more than thirty-five years and has written many books to transmit ancestral teachings and rituals by adapting them to our times.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger