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Christina Baumann

Roswitha Stark

Mankau Verlag

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192 pages
Softcover with gatefolds
With A2 poster
Full-colour print

70 important “small remedies”.

• Follow-up of the successful book

• Two experienced co-authors with a vast network

Already in their first volume the two authors took Samuel Hahnemann’s classical homeopathy to a new level and era: Because the frequencies and “information” of the homeopathic remedies cannot only be conveyed through the known globuli or drops but will work just as efficiently when applied in the form of symbols and signs. The symbol remedies have proven to be extremely effective in practical tests – they are in no way inferior to the globule form. Since the release of the first volume at the end of 2017, these remedies have found a large number of enthusiastic fans and users.

In a simple and inexpensive approach, this book familiarizes readers with 78 rather unknown, but nevertheless very important and helpful symbolic remedies.

•Powerful symbols for 70 valuable “small remedies” from homeopathic healing, listed from A to Z (alumina, badiaga, cocculus, ipecacuanha, rosa damascena etc.)

•8 newly developed special remedies, to meet the needs of the digital age: harmonising potentially harmful frequencies such as Wi-Fi, 5G, microwave radiation or radioactivity

•Test lists for different potency levels e.g. D series, C series or LM series, as well as for the unique “cosmic potency”


Christina Baumann

She is a coach for personal development and holistic- energetic healing methods, has authored various textbooks and developed working and teaching materials for energetic work and is an expert for symbols and the physics of numbers. She runs the network ypsilon-portal.de and she has been fol- lowing her calling of researching biophysical interrelations and providing her findings in the form of useful information.

Roswitha Stark

She is a graduate specialist in German studies and an alternative practitioner for healing with vibra- tions, sensitive resonance therapy and energe- tic healing techniques. Moreover she is a course instructor for information medicine, healing with symbols and dowsing. She works with humans and animals. Roswitha Stark is – together with Petra Neumayer – author of the best selling series "Painted Medicine”.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger