High sensitivity and professional independence




Sandra Tissot


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192 Pages
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How a high sensitive woman went into business for himself and found his solution for the highly sensitive professional life

Many highly sensitive people often reach their limits in a conventional employment relationship. In particular, their wishes for personal responsibility, independence, flexibility and, above all, meaningful action can rarely be fulfilled. So many highly sensitive people think about setting up their own business one day. But the concerns that the highly sensitive existence could conflict with entrepreneurial challenges predominate.

This book illustrates that these concerns are often unwarranted. The highly sensitive author uses her own life story to show that self-employment offers many opportunities and is very compatible with the highly sensitive being. Sandra Tissot not only gives very personal insights into her world of thought, with all her doubts and ingenious twists and turns, but also provides step-by-step practical tips on everyday situations. In addition, she passes on a lot of knowledge that is useful for starting a business.

Together with the author, you will experience first-hand how self-employment can become a personal liberation for highly sensitive people (HSP).

Sandra Tissot

Sandra Tissot is highly sensitive and has happily worked independently for years. On your website at www.sandra-tissot.com you can find all the information about the author and current books. In addition, there are regularly new articles on the subject of high sensitivity in the blog.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger