High Blood Pressure. A Pocket Guide



Eberhard J. Wormer

Mankau Verlag

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127 pages
Softcover with gatefolds
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Effective prevention and self-help for increased blood pressure values Includes an extra chapter devoted to low blood pressure

• Widespread, often undiagnosed disorder

• Comprehensive advice and effective self-help measures

High blood pressure is a widespread disease which affects almost half the German population usually sufferers are not even aware of it. Because the so-called “arterial hypertension” normally does not cause any noticeable ailments which is why it is often overlooked or treated lightly. However, high blood pressure is a disease in its own right and is regarded as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Hypertension may for example be the direct or indirect cause of a heart attack or a stroke.

First warning signs of high blood pressure are dizziness, head aches, palpitations, nervousness, and shortness of breath under physical strain or vision disorders. While there are some risk factors which promote the occurrence of high blood pressure, basically anybody can be affected by it.

This compact guide explains the symptoms of high blood pressure and contains an in-depth description of the traditional medical and naturopathic forms of treatment; moreover, you will find numerous recommendations for effective measures that will enable you to make an important contribution to bringing down your blood pressure levels.

Learn more about
• the most important risk factors and the most common secondary diseases

  • conventional and alternative approaches to diagnosis and therapy
  • how and why you should measure your blood pressure regularly and what preventive steps you yourself can take through diet, exercise and relaxation

Eberhard J. Wormer

He studied German, history, social sciences and medicine. After his licensure and doctorate he worked as a doctor and in medical publishing houses. Dr. Wormer lives in Munich and today works as a journalist, author and editor. His preferred fields of work are guide-books and manuals, encyclopedias and specialized publications on the topics of medicine, health, natural sciences, history of medicine and biographies. He has already published numerous health guides for an audience of millions, focusing on topics such as cardiovascular, psychological, nutrition, naturopathy, healthy exercise and pain.
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