Herbal Mother Tinctures




Hildegard Kalbermatten

Roger Kalbermatten

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104 pages
100 colour photos

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Essence and Use

• A practical and compact manual of phytotherapy
• Revised and expanded new edition
• French and Italian translation available

Healing plants carry a large potential of powers that bestow convalescence and vitality on humans during periods of illness and health alike. Ancient tinctures – made from fresh plants and bearing extraordinary inner quality – are ideal to convey the nature and personality of a healing plant.
This way they can take effect not only on the body but also the soul. The book offers colourful presentations of 47 well-known healing plants. By means of studying its nature the therapist or patient is enabled to establish an inner relationship with the plant, and so its healing powers can abundantly unfold.

Hildegard Kalbermatten

Hildegard Kalbermatten trained pedagogue, systematic further training in medicinal and psychological anthropology. Therapeutic experience with plant remedies. Co-founder of CERES Heilmittel AG.

Roger Kalbermatten

Dr. Roger Kalbermatten chemist, 25 years of experience in the field of medicinal plant research. Developed an effective procedure for the manufacturing of plant and homeopathic medicines. Founder of CERES Heilmittel AG which produces high quality ancient tinctures.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger