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240 pages
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How to Regain Your Innate Hearing Capacity

• Restore natural hearing capacity with 20 simple exercises
• A unique treatment, successfully applied to patients with hearing loss for more than ten years
• Based on clear physical principles and developed with the help of the latest research results from natural science and medicine

Sensational – The first book that helps people improve their hearing. Restore your natural hearing capacity with simple exercises 16 million people in Germany are diagnosed with hearing loss!

Many, particularly older people have to experience that their hearing is worsening, especially in noisy surroundings, at a bar, or sitting in a bigger company of friends with continuous vivid conversation. Yet it is not normal for our hearing to worsen, not even with growing age. This book explains how hearing works and outlines a program of 20 interrelated exercises to improve and train our hearing step by step. Body geometry, spatial location, and perception processing play an essential role in this method. Adhering to the principle of self-regulation combined with targeted training will help to rebuild our innate hearing capacity step by step. The method presented in this book relies on well-known physical principles and the author’s more than ten-year-long practical experience with people suffering from hearing problems. Simple exercises without hearing aid will lead to improvement, as demonstrated by impressive case studies.

Anton Stucki

Anton Stucki Born in Zurich, resides in the south of Brandenburg since 1995. Develops technologies for the health of man and nature on the basis of latest findings in physics, biology, mathematics, and medicine. Since 2005 development of the natural sound converter and a therapeutic method to regenerate hearing, lectures, trainings for therapists and physicians.
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