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208 pages
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130 illustrations

What illnesses and symptoms can cannabis heal or relieve? How is it absorbed? What are the respective medicinal virtues of THC and CBD? What is the current state of scientific research? What cannabis-derived medications are now available? How can you grow therapeutic marijuana? What are the different laws around the world concerning its medical use?

Medical Cannabis: A Story of Rediscovery

Ever since research began that led to the identification of the primary components of cannabis (THC, CBD), knowledge has only continued to grow, giving rise to the continued development of medications. Meanwhile, use of the non-transformed plant has extended to the treatment of a substantial number of symptoms and illnesses.

Whereas the plant’s properties for treating pain, glaucoma, or a lack of appetite are well-known, its contributions to new treatments for infantile epilepsy, rheumatism, Crohn’s disease, and brain cancer (glioma) suggest its rich therapeutic potential.

Although thousands of patients of all ages have access to cannabinoid-based treatments, there are still many psychological and legal barriers to its use throughout the world. However, ongoing scientific research is promising and seems to herald better care for patients who would like access to these treatments.

Healing with Cannabis is part of the Mini Collection. In 208 pages, this book presents an overview of the complete edition of Medical Cannabis, which is also published by Mama Éditions, by highlighting the main points in an adapted and updated text. The clear and synoptic page layout—focus, charts, and illustrations (drawings and photos)—will help the reader identify key information.

Rooted in the expertise and experience of the best specialists in their respective fields, this collective book presents the essence of the currently available information on this constantly evolving subject.


Michka divides her time between working at her publishing house in Paris,France and writing the autobiographical series of which this book is the latest installment.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger