Healing Through Awareness




Andreas Winter

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How to unlock your mind in order to resolve blockages and symptoms

The power to heal ourselves and others lies within us!

A nine-year-old girl reads a few questions off a page to her mother whose chronic footpain is gone just a little while later. In a pub, a student has a talk with a friend about this friend’s migraine, and their headache never comes back. A florist writes a short e-mail to a woman he has never met, and she finds herself instantly cured of her protein allergy.

Certain questions and statements apparently have the potential to resolve long-standing blockages and symptoms in an instant. Is this some miracle cure? “By no means! It is nothing but modern depth psychology in action,” says qualified pedagogue and depth psychologist Andreas Winter. “Psychology is not some kind of ivory tower, nor is psychotherapy a holy grail. We all have a psyche, and with the proper basic understanding, we can all learn to work psychologically for the benefit of ourselves and others,” the author is convinced.

And his success proves him right: After receiving training by Winter, hundreds of people, some just having an interest in psychology, others professionals in the field, have managed to beat symptoms such as obesity, allergies, neurodermatitis, phobias and even borderline disorders in record time. All it took for Winter’s clients to accomplish a sudden change in their sensory and behavioral patterns, and their complaints, was gaining awareness of the underlying causes that often date back to early childhood, and understanding the intelligent logic of a symptom.

Want to learn how to help yourself and others effectively? Read all about how easy this is, and what questions the little girl read out to her mother, in this fascinating guide.

– Now available in paperback – updated and revised! –

Andreas Winter

He holds a degree in education and works as a psychological consultant. As head of one of Germany’s largest coaching institutes, he has been improving the quality of life of people from all over the world for more than two decades through quick and unconventional conflict resolutions. His mesmerizing lectures and books have meanwhile reached cult status.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger