Healing powers of lemons


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Hirsch Siegrid


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Recipes and numerous background information. Tips on the origin, use and storage of the yellow super fruit. Information about the health-promoting active ingredients. For people who want to be healthy and stay healthy. The guide shows what you can do with lemons and how to use lemons in the kitchen, in body care and as a remedy. Many recipes inspire your own creations. Since the Middle Ages in Europe. In ancient Egypt, the citron (or cédrat lemon) was known since the 2nd century BC. The botanists of Alexander the Great brought them into the Mediterranean region, but also the Crusaders of the 12th Century carried the miracle tree with the gold apple home. Anyway, it is certain that the lemon became native to the Riviera around 1200. And wherever we encounter this little tree today, the magic and flair of the South are captured in them; their sight makes us think of light and warmth and of healing relaxation. Then there is another aspect: the aesthetics of a lemon, whether half, slice or quarter piece. A dish garnished with lemon is an appetising sight that literally whets your appetite.

Hirsch Siegrid

Siegrid Hirsch , après une formation de technicien en bâtiment, a été rédacteur ORF pendant de nombreuses années, s'est impliqué dans les plantes médicinales depuis son plus jeune âge. Elle a complété sa formation de plantes médicinales et de botaniste à l'école des herbes d'Ignaz Schlifni. Active en tant que membre du conseil d'administration de la plus ancienne et plus grande association d'herbes d'Autriche, elle est rédactrice en chef du magazine «Gesundheitsbote» depuis 2002.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger