Harvesting vegetables without watering



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Christine Weidenweber


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128 pages
103 colour photographs
6 illustrations
Paperback with flaps

Selecting drought-tolerant plants, protecting the soil and using water wisely – gardening in times of climate change

• The first book on this topic, and essential for all vegetable gardeners

• Successful harvests, despite water shortages

• A change that also brings certain opportunities: earlier and longer harvests, thanks to higher temperatures

• What can you do when there’s no water and your vegetables are wilting? Optimal growing methods and soil maintenance, together with drought-tolerant species and varieties, will help ensure your future success in the vegetable garden.

• From cabbages to chickpeas: 60 drought-tolerant, tried- and-true vegetables, including Mediterranean newcomers, will reward growers with high yields provided the planting sites are selected carefully.

• In order that “low-water vegetables” will grow reliably, the soil needs to be maintained and protected. Smart irrigation systems, mulch soil coverings and robust mixed crops help ensure the wisest use of water and nutrients.

Christine Weidenweber

Christine Weidenweber studied agricultural sciences. She has worked for over 15 years as a proofreader, editor and author for technical and non-fiction books in the field of agricultural science and horticulture. In her own garden, she enjoys experimenting with herbs, hardy and durable vegetables to chickpeas.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger