Green Souls


Garden & Nature

New Age / Esoterics

Thomas Lambert Schöberl

Mankau Verlag

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Softcover with flaps
13.5 x 21.5 cm
318 pages

About the wisdom of nature

In our meritocracy, modern man has lost touched with his roots. Chronic illnesses and psychosomatic complaints have become common ailments. Is this really our destiny?

Thomas Lambert Schöberl knows a way out: He recommends that we should tackle today’s challenges in a sustainable way using a new creative approach, giving space again to the wonders of nature and the holistic view of the world and the human being, and becoming aware of their significance for body, mind and soul. Many people increasingly feel a longing for nature, for more originality in their lives and for a new definition of the meaning of life.

In a poetic and yet very direct way, this author tells the story of his own road to recovery and of his personal development. As a healer, musician, and art historian, he uses a long-forgotten metaphorical language as a sensitive way to convey to us the immaterial richness and myriad perspectives of a holistic world view. Drawing on experiences from his naturopathic practice, he makes it clear that the profession of naturopath and the ancient knowledge of naturopathy are precious cultural assets that need to be protected.

“We are much like trees with strong roots, we are the tunes to a cosmic dance and the prayers of an ongoing creation. We should follow these roots, these inner chants, these powerful sparks of hope – even into the unknown, going down deeper and deeper … until we reach the innermost of our souls.”

  • The author’s own story: career and vocation as a therapist
  • Rediscovering nature: on immaterial wealth and the perspectives of holism
  • Worthy of protection and precious: a plea for the profession of naturopath
  • Extras: natural recommendations for health

Thomas Lambert Schöberl

Thomas Lambert Schöberl, born in Munich in 1989, is a non-medical practitioner, an expert in naturopathy, and a music and art teacher. He lives with his family in Munich where he also runs a practice for alternative healing methods. His seminars and workshops focus on nature, creativity and holism. A university-trained musicologist, music educator, art historian and student of Protestant religious education, he effortlessly interweaves the fields of art and culture, religion, educational science, nature and medicine. Everything is connected with everything - this is exactly what Thomas Lambert Schöberl keeps making clear time and again in his interdisciplinary approaches. In his healing practice, he focuses on the examination of living blood under the dark field microscope, herbal medicine and spiritual life counseling.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger