Geobiology and habitat magic textbook


New Age / Esoterics

Joëlle Chautems

Éditions Favre

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13.5 X 21cm
168 pages
Full colour
Soft cover

Harmonise the energies in your home

Who hasn’t felt “good vibrations” in one place or another, or on the contrary has felt uncomfortable, without really knowing why? The spaces we live in have a profound, yet often underestimated, influence on our physical and mental health. Without being aware of it, we are constantly under attack: waves and radiation, electrical and electro-magnetic pollution, physical and chemical pollution, telluric currents, faults and underground watercourses disturb the energies around us. Other nuisances generated by more subtle elements, such as shape waves, entities or memories inscribed in walls, floors or objects also affect our living spaces. Whether you are renovating, moving into a new home or wishing to feel better in your home, this guide applies the basics of geobiology to neutralise the impact of these sources of harmfulness. As a true home fairy, Joëlle Chautems lovingly offers you her many tips for creating or restoring the balance of your home: healthy and harmonious spaces where life is good.

Joëlle Chautems

After writing several best-selling books, Joëlle Chautems, geobiologist and therapist, has become a major actor in her field. Sensitive to invisible worlds, she is an adept of eco-spirituality.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger