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Vanessa Blank

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200 pages
19.2 cm x 24.5 cm
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Nature Experience and Bushcraft – Practical Guidelines for Your Adventures

• Adventures right outside our doorstep
• Outdoor experiences with the female star of the German bushcraft scene
• Practical knowledge from the renowned survival coach

You do not need a wooden cabin far from civilisation to enjoy some time out in the forest. You can embark on adventures in nature right here and now, outside your doorstep. Those who say that there is no wilderness in Germany are thoroughly mistaken. If you are susceptible to it, you will find true treasures of nature around the corner. Pack your knapsack, immerge yourself into the forest, set up camp, cook something nice, and spend the night all by yourself. It is possible! But how? This book is a guide for anyone eager to explore nature on their own. It offers sound practical advice by famous survival coach Vanessa Blank on bushcraft, survival strategies, outdoor life in wild nature, equipment, possible dangers, natural medicine, wild cuisine, legal considerations, and much more. Off you go to the wilderness!

Vanessa Blank

Vanessa Blank is a trained childcare worker and mother of three children. She publishes her outdoor adventures on YouTube with great success and has worked as a freelance survival coach for two years. She proves that outdoor activities are not just a man's thing.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger