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Marialuise Maier


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How to strengthen your immune system and activate the natural self- healing powers

The two pharmacists and experts in the field of naturopathy and orthodox medicine turn readers into experts on their own health and immune system.

This book serves as a guide, reference and textbook for strengthening your own self-healing and immune system. Thanks to the profound knowledge and many years of experience of Dr. Marialuise Maier and Dr. Tanja Nart, everyone can expand their know-how about the fascinating immune system of the human body. Easy to understand and implementable with practical tips from the pharmacy, the manual gives extensive explanations about important substances from herbal medicine and micronutrients.

Among other things, it contains chapters on vitamin D, phytobiotics and antivirals, antigen and antibodies, silent inflammation and vaccinations. You not only learn why certain diseases, such as viral or autoimmune diseases, allergies, rheumatism and other inflammations occur and how everything is connected, but also why some people can have more severe courses of disease than others.

The book answers all the important questions about the immune system and provides practical support on the path to a stronger immune system.

Marialuise Maier

Dr. Marialuise Maier studied pharmacy in Innsbruck and then herbal medicine at the University of Siena. She has been working as a pharmacist since 2007, seven years of which as pharmacy manager. While working, she is completing further training in the field of complementary medicine. The author gives lectures on this topic and writes articles for lay people and professionals. In 2011, her first book "Die Kinderapotheke für zu Hause" was published. Marialuise Maier currently works at the Burgstall pharmacy (BZ). She also lives by her philosophy of a healthy lifestyle in her private life.
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