Foot Essentials



Béatrice Drach-Schauer

Mankau Verlag

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Softcover with flaps
11.5 x 16.5 cm
Color throughout
Approx. 160 pages

Learn the most effective exercises for proper and pain-free walking and running

Our feet do hard work – day in, day out they have to support our entire body weight for decades, and at the same time compensate for the increasing weakness of our connective tissue. It thus comes as no surprise that our feet will make themselves felt through pain if we don’t take care of them properly, with malposition, incorrect stresses or even minor injuries threatening to turn our daily walk into a very painful experience.

Don’t let it even come to that! Health trainer and exercise expert Béatrice Drach-Schauer has some easy and specific everyday exercises for you to train your foot muscles, prevent injuries or incorrect stresses and counteract common malpositions such as hallux valgus, flat or splay foot thoroughly and effectively. In some cases, however, exercises alone will not do, which is why the author has also asked doctors, podiatrists and other experts to contribute their advice on the respective topics.

Do the self-test to see what shape your feet are actually in and discover the joy of walking again! Foot Essentials will teach you what to do for life-long stable and pain-free walking.

  • How to stand and walk properly – your foot essentials 101
  • Comprehensive self-test: What shape are your feet in?
  • Fitness for feet: everyday exercises for healthy feet
  • Keep your feet healthy: healing foot care and proper footwear
  • Walking barefoot – this is how you ensure foot and ankle stability
  • Foot health 101 for runners – fit on foot

Béatrice Drach-Schauer

Béatrice Drach-Schauer, MPH (born in 1971), is a running coach, sports science consultant, mental coach and certified trainer for stress and burnout prevention. For over 20 years, the Viennese has been helping her clients bring more exercise into their everyday lives and use the right kind of exercise to prevent health problems. Her special focus is on feet: she herself suffers from flat and splay feet, and as a result of her former love of high heels and her genetic predisposition, she also developed a hallux valgus. Thanks to consistent foot gymnastics and the use of insoles, however, Drach-Schauer is completely pain-free when working as a running coach. The personal trainer, who is well-known from TV, radio and printed media, teaches both live and online classes (
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