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Svenja Zuther

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432 pages
190 colour photos

Encounters with Plant Spirit – Doctrine of Signatures – Holistic Phytomedicine

• A comprehensive manual on domestic healing plants, including an introduction to the doctrine of signatures
• Detailed and insightful plant portraits
• Perception exercises, recipes and instructions

In mindful encounters plants open up to us their strongly versatile character. With an introduction to the doctrine of signatures and practical guidelines for plant encounters this book allows us to enter the world of plant language. It shows us how to perceive ourselves through nature’s mirror, how to entertain a vivid exchange with plants and make use of their powers. In 18 detailed portraits, the characteristic powers of local healing plants are described based on modern research along with ancient plant customs and traditions. An informative and touching manual for all those who intend to heal not only the body but also the soul with the help of plants. Featuring a number of perception exercises, recipes and suggestions for a creative use of healing plants.

Svenja Zuther

Svenja Zuthe born 1972, graduate biologist, alternative practitioner and consultant with major focus on holistic phytomedicine. Runs a naturopathy practice in the Lüneburg Heath, organizes and conducts seminars and holds lectures on the topics of nature consciousness, plant encounters, the doctrine of signature and holistic phytomedicine.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger