Fish Smoking



Daniela Haug

Michael Wickert


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336 pages
515 colour photographs


Knowledge and methods – recipes and enjoyment

Traditional craftsmanship meets innovative food smoking techniques – in this ultimate standard reference work, the fisheries scientist and food smoking master Michael Wickert describes in simple steps how to conjure up smoky and spicy delicacies from fresh fish and fire, wood and shavings. A complete overview of smoking techniques and devices, comprehensive merchandise knowledge and clever expert tips provide state-of-the-art know-how for beginners and food smoking professionals alike. There are more than 40 classic fish smoking recipes and inspiring new creations to delight every amateur and top chef. A new classic reference book that will transform the growing popularity of fish smoking into a true culinary festival for DIY enthusiasts.

Daniela Haug

Daniela Haug lives in Berlin and works as a photographer and film producer with her own production on international photo and film projects. As a photographer she publishes for renowned magazines and publishers. Her cookbooks and food reports have been translated into several languages.

Michael Wickert

Michael Wickert is a qualified fish scientist and master smoker. A street food pioneer, he founded his fish smokehouse Glut & Späne in the Markthalle Neun in Berlin in 2012. The passionate fisherman and fish ambassador gives lectures and is a sought-after expert on the topics of fish and sustainability.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger