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Bianca Joggerst


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96 pages

Meditations for pregnancy and birth

Nine months for a miracle – The meditations of Bianca Joggerst accompany you lovingly through the exciting time until the birth of your baby and even afterwards.

They help you to enjoy your pregnancy and to prepare for a natural birth. For this you need trust in yourself and your intuition. You need strength and energy, calmness and patience as well as the ability to relax and let go. The meditations support you in this and create a bond between you and your baby.

Trust in us
Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are unique experiences. But often we can no longer get involved in them because we have lost our trust in ourselves and in nature. Yet it is precisely this trust in nature that allows us to enjoy pregnancy and motherhood.

The meditations in this book are intended to help us reconnect with our inner femininity and to gain confidence. They are meant to guide us to become aware of the body and to influence processes in the body consciously. And last but not least, they should train the ability to relax, to let go and at the same time to let go, because it is the best support for a natural birth.

Bianca Joggerst

Naturopath and physiotherapist. In her naturopathic practice she accompanies people of all ages on their way to find themselves and to consciously perceive their own body and its needs again. She focuses in particular on energy and meditation work, but also on strengthening the spine as the "axis of life". She passes on her wealth of knowledge and experience in health courses for lay people and advanced training seminars for therapists.
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Agence Schweiger