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Claus Walter

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174 pages
Paperback with gatefolds

How to recognise detrimental energetic influences and release them effectively

• From the developer of Herz-Resonanz- Coaching® (“heart resonance coaching”)

• Neutralization of negative influences

It’s enough to make you despair! Although you have already changed so much about the way you feel, think and act, the same thing keeps happening to you again and again – whether in your partnership or your family, at work or also in relation to your health and personal destiny: quite inexplicably, things happen that are actually really not your thing and that seem to block or even sabotage your life without you having control over it.

Quantum physics shows that energetic information is never lost, but is often preserved as unconscious patterns, programmes, thoughts and feelings and passed on from generation to generation: A promise once given to last “forever and ever”, a judgement rendered or even a curse laid on a person are still powerful today and thus affect your personality and your path in life. Such external energies, which have a negative influence on the essence of your being and are not part of your true nature, can affect your system much like a computer virus; they may also be the reason why medical or therapeutic measures fail to produce the desired results in you.

Citing from the experience gained in over 500 coaching sessions, Claus Walter analyses and explains such partly ancient patterns and programmes that dominate us, although we perceive them as “inexplicable” and they make us feel as if we are “under a spell”. We will only truly be able to develop our own personality and our potential once we have freed ourselves from the burdens of previous generations. This book serves as a tool for systematic neutralization work and will help us free ourselves step by step from negative energetic influences.

Claus Walter

He worked as a business economist and innovation expert until 2004. Faced with his own burnout, he developed the innovative method of heart resonance coaching® (HRC), based on the effects of the heart resonance field, the coherence fields and quantum physics. HRC® , with long lasting success for treating both individuals as well as companies, won an innovation award of the Swiss SME association.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger