Energy And Protection Shields


New Age / Esoterics

Barbara Arzmüller

Mankau Verlag

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143 pages
Softcover with gatefolds
Including 14 enclosed shield cards
Full-colour print

How to ward off strain, strengthen your chakras and stimulate positive energies

• 42 specifically developed energy and pro- tection shields with detailed descriptions

• Wide range of applications

According to ancient wisdom chakras are the spiritual energy centres of man. They are effective at physical and psychological levels and influence our emotions as well as our character. Protecting and activating your chakras is therefore crucial for your life.

A lot of people feel drained or overworked and are losing energy. Protection shields help ward off energy thieves; energy shields specifically promote the building of the chakras. An energy boost through the chakras will restore your physical and mental balance for your working life or your personal happiness.

The book describes the functions and effects of the chakras and their colours. Each chakra is explained what effects it has when it is blocked and when it is open. The 21 protection shields and 21 energy shields depicted in the book already act to address your chakras on a subconscious level as you read similar to a picture meditation. In this way the energy can have a direct effect.

• Detailed presentation of the 42 protection and energy shields
• Various different applications for your own individual energy work
• 14 enclosed full-colour cards: one protection shield and one energy shield each per chakra

Barbara Arzmüller

She is an interior designer and a successful writer. Through Feng Shui, family constellations and astrology, she has found a way of also applying her spiritual skills to her work and her life. Barbara Arzmüller writes books, paints energy pictures, provides consultation and holds seminars. Her aim is to make the true beauty of the world and of people visible. Mankau Verlag has published her books "Energie- und Schutzschil- de” ("Energy and Protective Shields”) and "Leuchtende Chakren” ("Luminous Chakras”).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger