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Anne Katharina Zschocke

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304 pages
100 illustrations

Bacteria – Sources and Guides of all Living Things

• Instructions for practical everyday use of EM in garden, household, farming, water purification, stock breeding, energy balance, and construction
• After decades of worldwide use, finally the first comprehensive book on Effective Microorganisms
• A revolutionary concept of handling and healing resistant bacterial strains; Firsthand reports and studies on EM

Anne Katharina Zschocke presents the first comprehensive book on «EM», scientifically substantiated, clear, and systematic but also offering a number of practical hints. She takes us on a journey through the cultural history of man and microorganisms, disclosing the spiritual dimension of fermentation and the way bacteria control destinies. With tender affection she analyzes our attitude towards microbes and teaches us how to peacefully coexist. The book explains how practical usage of «Effective Microorganisms» can solve everyday problems in many areas of life fast and cost effectively. Floors can be enhanced, water purified, and smells neutralized with the help of «EM». Garbage is being recycled into fertilizer, rot disappears, and diseases are healed. Bacteria are the first inhabitants of our planet, and ever since then they have been the basis of all life forms. They create balance, harmonize all processes, initiate metabolic functions, train the immune system and protect the body’s frontiers. Anyone can use EM: in household, garden, farming and water management, stock breeding, hygiene, and trade. For decades, EM has been active in healing unsettled living spaces, harmonizing processes of transformation, and reconstituting equilibrium in the flux of life.

Anne Katharina Zschocke

Dr Anne Katharina Zschocke studied human medicine and naturopathic treatment, worked as physician and in applied horticulture. For many years freelance lecturer on topics of paradigm shift. In 2011, she developed the first seminars on Effective Microorganisms (EM) in Europe. Author of the successful book «The Remarkable Powers of Effective Microorganisms» and engaged as EM
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger