Elements of Music Therapy



Gérard Ducourneau


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208 pages
170 x 240 mm

Music therapy is a psychotherapeutic treatment for various disorders aimed at providing increased wellness for people with a handicap (physical, psychic or social), through music and its components (rhythm, sound, voice etc.). A mid-way point between care practices and therapeutic relationship, it is increasingly used by hospitals and carers, in paedia- tric services, gerontology, anaesthetics and even oncolo- gy. This work offers a theoretical and practical ap- proach illustrated with clinical examples. It shows to what extent the applications of music therapy meet the assertions of neuroscience: soliciting the memo- ry, attention, concentration, exchange, self-conscience, encouraging choices and favouring verbalisation. This new edition including the latest research in the field, also points out the importance of multi-disciplinary work.

Gérard Ducourneau

Gérard Ducourneau is a therapist and director of the music therapy workshop, Bordeaux.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger