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Anina Gepp

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Cook Healthy, Preserve the Environment. More than 80 plant based recipes and numerous practical tips

• Sustainability is enrichment, not deprivation
• By the founder of the biggest social media account for sustainability in Switzerland
• With data on the ecological footprint of meals

Changing our eating habits is an emotional affair. We could bring about immense positive change just with the way we eat – benefitting both our own health and the planet. Anina Gepp shows us how simple, tasty, and above all cheap sustainable cuisine can be. Long forgotten vegetables, newly interpreted classical dishes, and even grandma’s favourite recipes find their way back on our plates. Her cooking is regional, seasonal, and purely plant-based, but at the same time abundant. Thanks to information on the ecological footprint of the dishes it becomes clear at first glance that healthy and sustainable cooking is not only good for us but also for the environment. With lots of valuable input on various topics related to cooking: How to save on wrapping? What to prefer: milk yoghurt in a jar or soy yoghurt in a plastic cup? And is an organic tomato from Italy better from an environmental perspective than a domestic one from the greenhouse that was grown in a conventional way but sold without wrapping?

Anina Gepp

Anina Gepp is a food stylist, blogger, and freelance journalist. She runs »Aniahimsa«, currently the biggest Swiss social media account on sustainability. With great enthusiasm she covers topics such as health, environmental protection, and plant based nutrition.
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