Earth, Fire, Air and Water


New Age / Esoterics

Antara Reimann


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Size: 162 x 220 mm
168 pages

Traditional knowledge and rituals for everyday life

How to live in harmony with mother nature’s powers

Our ancestors lived in close contact with the elemental forces, whose powers and influence were omnipresent. If we pay the same level of attention to the elements nowadays, we too will gain a deep connection with mother nature and intuitive access to her potential:

  • The earth holds and nourishes us.
  • The fire warms and drives us.
  • The water cleanses us and enables movement.
  • The air inspires us and connects us with one another.
  • And finally all of these natural forces come together in the aether, which grants us

    access to higher dimensions.

    Antara Reimann and Peter Eckel show you how the traditional perception of the elements enriches and deepens all areas of life – private and professional relationships, nutrition, health or self-development. Find out which nature spirits, plants, runes and minerals can strengthen your connection to the respective primary substance. By producing power objects, erecting a house altar, and executing beneficial rituals, you will achieve comprehensive healing, happiness and inner connectedness.

Antara Reimann

Antara Reimann is a certified shamanic healer according to the guidelines of the T.C.O.T.S. Shamanic Healing of the "Bridget Healing Centre", Glastonbury/ Great Britain. She has been offering tours to the South of England as a guide for several years. Her other activities include shamanic treatments and consultations, healing through energy alignment, soul retrievals and extractions as well as rituals.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger