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Malory Malmasson

Guy Trédaniel

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224 pages
128 x 173 mm


Revealing the powers of the sacred feminine

Created by Malory Malmasson and Marion Blanc, this sublime and poetic oracle will accompany all women in the encounter and healing of their divine feminine.

This oracle is a wonderful tool for personal development for all women. It will accompany you in the meeting, the expression and the healing of your sacred feminine thanks to keys, messages  and exercises.

Poetic and playful, it is made up of 43 cards, both beautiful and inspiring, divided into 7 families, each one embodying the energy of a feminine archetype, such as the Amazon, the matriarch, the sensual woman or the mystical woman.

Through each archetype and thanks to the different prints presented in the accompanying book, you will heal your wounds and discover your hidden resources, your qualities, your shadow parts and your vibratory and relational potential.

Day after day, explore the many facets of the divine feminine within you. You will be able to unveil all the richness and magical power within you as a sacred woman

Key selling points:

By Malory Malmasson, a wellness and spirituality influencer with a very strong community 57,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel). Among her books and oracles, she has published, among others, Le Petit Grimoire aux grands pouvoirs (9,000 copies), published by Contre-Dires.

– Illustrated by Marion Blanc, an influencer and graphic designer with over 28,000 followers on Instagram.

– An oracle under the sign of the sacred feminine, a theme that inspires many women.

– A magnificent box, with 43 cards representing the different feminine archetypes and a 224-page full-colour book presenting many ways to use the oracle as well as the meaning of each card.

Malory Malmasson

A therapist with subtle perceptions, Malory Malmasson has dedicated much of her life to spreading messages of love and awareness on the subject of spirituality. Through her books, she is committed to bringing her enlightenment and guidance to a whole new generation, thanks to practical advice and tools anchored in her time. www.souldating.fr
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