Discover Your Power Animal


Jeanne Ruland


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160 pages

Whether a lion, an eagle or a beluga whale – everyone has a power animal! Animal spirits are your companions, allies, and protectors in the spirit world. They are the source of your strength, and the mirror of your soul. They are by your side in challenging situations, unveil new paths to you, and help you to develop your full potential. But it is not you who chooses a power animal, the power animal chooses you. In this workbook, Jeanne Ruland shows you how diverse contact with power animals can be. She answers questions such as »Which animal will be with me in the near future, and which one for my whole life?« – and initiates you into shamanic techniques for connecting with the special energy of animal spirits, such as the power animal journey, the power animal dance or the grokking (this is a Hawaiian method of changing the world by means of creative visualisation). During a 21-day programme, inspired by Jeanne Ruland’s own experiences with animal spirits, you will step by step consolidate the strength of your personal animal companion, go on a journey of discovery with it in inner worlds, and experience on this unique path the amazing and the unexpected. Lovingly designed and with plenty of space for notes, dreams and extraordinary experiences, this workbook

Jeanne Ruland

Jeanne Ruland is one of Schirner’s best-selling authors. The mother of three lives in Darmstadt and is an angel medium, Huna teacher, seminar leader and travel guide for international spiritual journeys, covering a wide range of themes. She teaches studies in nature, angels and light working as well as ascended master studies and sacred geometry.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger