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TobiasFriedrich is a photographer, with a special preference for underwater photography. And he especially loves to work at night. This special and breathtaking technique is called “Black Water Photography”.

The most challenging task for the photographer in the dark is primarily the lack of light, but also the careful and difficult handling of flash etc. But the rewards are unbelievable encounters with species that barely show in daylight and that “normal” people never see. Even underwater photographers need patience and stamina to find such gifts of nature.

Tobias finds and photographs these creatures that almost seem like nature’s special effects with their unusual and unique shapes, colors and structures. Their habitat is the sea and that makes their living conditions as endangered as it is for common, well known sea life. DARK KNIGHTS is a privilege and Tobias Friedrich shares this magnificent experience with us.

Tobias Friedrich

Tobias Friedrich, born in 1981, is a photographer and adventurer. His greatest passion is the ocean. His sensational pictures earned his last book ABOVE WATER–UNDER WATER the award as »Under- water Photography Book Of The Year 2019«.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger