Jeff Merrifield

Watkins Nourish

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224 pp
HB 234x153mm
Plate section
Approximately 20 full-colour photographs

Language of origin

Social Alchemy, Magical Temples and the Superindividual

For more than four decades the spiritual-artistic community of Damanhur has grown to become a prime mover in terms of spiritual research and the protection of the planet. A group of people which has remained a stable entity over all those years, they have developed a sociological tool to enhance their shared experiences, the concept of a Superindividual, where groups of people or even whole communities function and create as one.

Damanhur is also going out into the world, and likewise, groups of indigenous peoples are treading a path to Damanhur, sharing shamanic knowledge and forming mutual bonds on a mission to make the world a better place.

It’s an inspiration to families, to workplaces, to other communities and to movements like Extinction Rebellion. How do we transform society from the ground up? How can we both flourish as individuals and work together in community?

Jeff Merrifield

Jeff Merrifield has had over 45 years’ professional involvement in Community Arts. He lives in Shetland.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger