Cookery handbook for brats!



Hélène Schernberg

Terre Vivante

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15 x 21 cm
80 pages

For those who are fed up with cooking

This striking little book considers our eating habits through the prism of punk culture. Cooking becomes an act of resistance and deliverance. It is even an excellent way to fight against the omnipresence of a capitalist diet, which is increasingly industrialised and denatured. The book advocates home-made food with very simple vegan recipes, based on organic, local, raw, whole, bulk and fermented products… Punk food versus junk food!

Hélène Schernberg

Hélène Schernberg is an agricultural engineer and manages a food blog ( Louise Browaeys is an agricultural engineer specialised on nutrition. Together, they love to cook and reinvent recipes that are healthy, tasty and easy to do.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger