Cogito, Ergo Dumb



Sebastian Rabsahl


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336 pages

Manis stupid, and mankind even more so. But were we always equally stupid, or is there evidence of progressive stupidity? And what’s the truth behind the rumor that the stupid are happier? The poet and thinker Sebastian 23 takes us on a tour through the stupidities of human history. Finally, he takes a look into the future, when not only artificial intelligence will surpass us by far, but probably also artificial stupidity.

The history of mankind is full of absurd moments, and one often does not know whether to laugh, cry or evacuate the planet. Best-selling author Sebastian 23 uses hair-raising and absurd examples to get to the bottom of the phenomenon of stupidity: from the ancient commander who had a sea flogged to demonstrate his power, to the criminal of the Instagram generation who reported to the police to submit a more attractive mug shot.

What other stupid things will we think up in the future? And why do we desperately resist this thought, which seems so obvious at second glance: A portion of stupidity is part of life and is deeply human.

Sebastian Rabsahl

Sebastian Rabsahl, born in Duisburg in 1979, is an author, TV presenter, and spoken word poet. As Sebastian 23 he won the German-speaking Poetry Slam Championships and numerous cabaret prizes. He resides in Bochum and lives in his free time.
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