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Monika Röttgen


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Brochure with flaps
17 x 22 cm
Pages 288

Cooking for Future – A hands-on book

Dinner is served! The climate is overheating. Last but not least, our daily diet creates atmospheric turbulence with its abundant CO2 emissions. The hands-on book “The Climate-Friendly Kitchen” invites you to make exciting discoveries in the realm of hidden kitchen treasures. It is about the tropical exotics and plants that were thought to be lost, about climate winners and losers The book serves factual snacks garnished with instructions in “appetiser” style. “The Climate-Friendly Kitchen” is an attempt at a “do-it-yourself solution” with lots of building blocks on how to make your own stockpile and food to go. From ingredients that are already around you. Forgotten foodstuffs, such as millet, or foods that are just emerging, such as lupine, are given a new stage. This saves energy, packaging and money. And health and fun are included for free.

Monika Röttgen

Monika Röttgen, folklorist. In professional life for 25 years with a focus on communication for museums. VHS lecturer, climate-friendly cook and budding herbalist. PR woman for the solidarity farm Der Dorf-acker in Kalletal in North Lippe, where she also has a second home with a garden and space for herbal experiments.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger